Detox and Toxicity Problems in Autism

In This Article: Introduction The Blood-Brain Barrier Importance of Glutatione The Liver’s Role The Best Detox Supplements Introduction The gastro intestinal (GI) tract contains the largest immune-active tissue in the body and has the greatest exposure to pathogens and toxins.  Toxins pass through the gut wall and are delivered to the liver for neutralisation and […]

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Six Strategies for Preventing Anxiety and Adrenal Stress in Autism

Download the free brochure: “Autism And Adrenal Stress” Autism and Adrenal Stress An autism spectrum disorder (ASD) places the individual, the parents, and siblings under enormous adrenal stress.  Prolonged periods of stress can fatigue your adrenal glands, resulting in biochemical and cellular changes which can affect many body systems, including immune function, blood sugar balance, […]

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The FDA’s Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) isn’t sufficient for maintaining optimal health. In order to achieve “health and wellbeing” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formulated over 40 years ago what is referred to as the RDA (recommended daily allowance) or RDI (recommended daily intake), which provides a daily dosage or recommended intake of particular […]


The Gut – Your Second Brain

When we refer to the “Gut”, we are talking about your entire digestive system, starting with your mouth and ending with your anus. There is currently an epidemic in gut related disorders in the USA affecting more than 62 million people, at a cost of $41 billion per year. The disturbing thing about this statistic […]

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