Autism And The Second Brain

Download the free brochure: “Autism And The Gut” It is well known that gut-related disturbances are very common in approximately 90% of individuals with autism, and therefore if the gut is not functioning optimally, then perhaps neither will the brain. We know that the majority of toxins we are exposed to are absorbed by the […]

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Methylation and Autism

Download the free brochure: “Methylation and Autism” What is methylation? Methylation is one of the most important series of chemical reactions in the body. It is involved in repairing our DNA and protecting it against toxic damage.  It helps control hormones and reduces homocysteine levels, a compound that damages blood vessels. Methylation supports detoxification, aids […]

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The Post-Holiday Detox:

The Gut, Glutathione, and 25 Tips For Healthy Detoxification The holiday season is a time for celebration, family, and fun. It’s also a time for overindulgence. Now that we are through the holidays (save for New Year’s Eve), it is time to start thinking about eating healthier, exercising more, and giving your body what it […]

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The 8 Best Products to Boost Your Immune System – Naturally!

Download the free brochure: “Immune Defense” Wet Surface Membranes: Your First Line of Defense The immune system is truly fascinating, fighting around the clock in a complex set of functions to protect you from nasty germs including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Your immune system’s first line of defense are the wet surface membranes found in your gut, nasal […]

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The Gut – Your Second Brain

When we refer to the “Gut”, we are talking about your entire digestive system, starting with your mouth and ending with your anus. There is currently an epidemic in gut related disorders in the USA affecting more than 62 million people, at a cost of $41 billion per year. The disturbing thing about this statistic […]

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